Ima lgog


Thanks so much for a superb trip. Could not have imagined the experience in our wildest dreams – awesome!

Malcolm and Maryanne Pearce, Rotorua

Thanks for guiding us on such a magic tour. This has been one of my most memorable life experiences, especially for a "good ol' boy" from Missouri.

Ron Haley, USA

Thank you from deep inside of me for making it so unique, it didn't feel like an impersonal tour, it felt like just a group of friends on a holiday of a lifetime, thank you for sharing India with us and also for taking us to those friends house, can't quite remember where, but I was so impressed with their hospitality, thank you for letting me experience what I think was the real India, not some guided touristy thing.
Thinking of India always,
Diana Hutchinson, Whangarei

Thank you for all your tireless invisible work, which ironed out all the creases for us – no hassles, no worries just excitement, enjoyment and loads of laughs.

Jane Stewart, Hamilton

What a ride! I've wanted to experience India for many years and on a bike was by far the best way. We've really been able to view the true essence of the country in a way that would not have been possible from the inside of a bus.

Eileen Leahy, Christchurch

While all good things end, the memories of this adventure will fuel thoughts and actions for me for a long, long time. You have been both gracious and professional hosts.

Dave Harris, Stoney Plain, Alberta, Canada

Thanks for a wonderful India experience. India has a rhythm of its own and as a mode of transport the Bullet is the best. I am not really a group tour person, but with your hands on, friendly, one of the gang approach, the trip was really good. The pace was great and the food even better.

Owen Haskell, Cambridge

The trip was simply indescribable! The contrasts, colours and assaults on our senses and prejudices have been just wonderful. A surprise around every corner.

Nelson McEwan, Bathhurst, NSW Australia

A huge adventure for us, far exceeding anything we had imagined. The faces and places of Rajasthan will stay with us forever. Thank you Lily and Steve for your unstinting good humour and understanding.

Marg & Brian Watt, Balclutha

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